We facilitate workshops to help organizations advance the knowledge base and coping capacity of their leaders, employees and customers.

Our educational workshops and team building exercises are tailored to enhance individuals’ self-awareness, attitude, overall performance and morale. No personal or professional problem is too big or complicated for us to address.

We take pride in providing superb education and training in the areas of employee and leadership development; self-growth/awareness; culture awareness and diversity; grief resolution; anger and stress management; empathy and resiliency development; effective parenting and relationship enhancement.

Service Benefits

  • Free consultation to determine need.
  • Cost-effective method to provide training to large groups of employees and/or customers.
  • Helps individuals develop and/or enhance their cognitive, behavioral and social skills.
  • Promotes a team environment where everyone feels included and valued.
  • Increases employees and/or customers’ overall performance, attitudes, skills and well-being.

Our presentation style is dynamic, informative and life changing. We use PowerPoint presentations, video-clips, music and personal story telling to engage participants and to stimulate discussion. Participants are guaranteed to learn new skills that will propel and motivate them to take action to enhance their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Our workshop presentations are ideal for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Church Events
  • College Events
  • Marriage & Singles’ Retreats
  • Youth Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Black History Month
  • Career Programs
  • And More!

Fee and Contract

  • Up to 90 minutes – $1,800 – $2,500
  • Up to 4 hours – $4,800 – $6,000
  • Full day (up to 8 hours) – $8,000

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Sample of Workshop

Unconditional Love: What Every Woman and Man Desire in a Relationship

Most people accept love, but truly desire to be loved unconditionally. Unfortunately, a large percentage of men and women believe that it is impossible to receive and give unconditional love because they were raised in households or communities where love was expressed based on conditions. In this heartfelt workshop participants will be encouraged to not settling for love and to seek the unconditional love that they deserve.

The information that is delivered during this informative seminar will help participants to:

Find out the difference between love and unconditional love
Learn why love hurts, but not intentionally
Discover their love styles
Recognize dominant Self-preserving Personality Traits
Understand the 1% Love 99% Work Theory
Gain knowledge of strategies that will empower them to give and receive unconditional love