CommunityOur skilled and knowledgeable consultants promote improved service delivery systems by addressing not only the quality of direct services, but also by conducting training that improves accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and agencies in service delivery. We provide state-of-the-art and research based education on human service delivery. We ensure that organizations see the change they want to see in their targeted populations and communities.

Service Benefits

  • Increased client satisfaction.
  • Enhanced service delivery processes.
  • Enhanced knowledge base of employees who work with African Americans and other disadvantaged populations.
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Our service focuses on helping organizations build stronger communities by enhancing the knowledge base and skills of executives and employees who are responsible for service delivery to African Americans and military veterans who struggle to achieve happiness and prosperity in their relationships, communities and work environments. Through research based education and training, we help advance the skills of human service and health care employees working in government agencies, non-profit organizations, healthcare and corporate organizations.

Our consultants offers in-depth information and training that is designed to deepen employees’ knowledge of contemporary societal and psychological issues that negatively impact African Americans and Military Veterans’ ability to accept and benefit from needed services.

We tailor our consultation services to meet the needs of our customers and develop curriculum for training personnel to effectively deliver services.


  • Consultation: $85 per hour
  • Training Curriculum Development: Fee is determined after consultation assessment is completed
  • Service Delivery Staff Training: Up to 90 minutes – $1,800; Up to 4 hours – $4,800; Full day (up to 8 hours) – $8,000

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