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Jun 21 2015
A Heartfelt Tribute to my God-sent Father The world is filled with men who plant seeds and men who take care of their seeds.  Given this, I believe that Father’s Day should be about honoring men who take care of their seeds. My biological father donated his sperm, but not his time, love and... Read More ▸ Category: Parenting
Apr 29 2015
Sick and Tired - Ferguson and Baltimore I want to preface this article by telling you that I believe that sharing is caring. I am sharing my thoughts with the intent of creating productive and healthy dialogue.  I am not judging anyone, but simply expressing my personal view. My hope is that you read this article... Read More ▸ Category: Personal Growth and Inspiration
Mar 08 2015
3 Rules Single Women Should Follow When Expressing Interest in a Man Some people believe that women should never approach or express interest in man. This thinking as led thousands of single women to believe that they will not be respected if they show interest in a man. Personally, I disagree with this way of thinking because communication is the key to... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Feb 16 2015
8 Rules Men Should Follow to Successfully Lead Strong Women No man can deny the power of a woman, especially a strong woman. When God created man He knew that we could not survive without companionship, so He gave us you, the most precious gift to mankind. God equipped women with gifts that astonish men. You are capable of giving... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Feb 08 2015
Don’t Settle for Love: You Deserve to be Loved Unconditionally Is it important to you to have a relationship that is built on and sustained with love that is conditional and temporary or a relationship that is built on and sustained with love that is unconditional and permanent? No amount of money, success, ambition, compatibility, eagerness or good intention can... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Dec 07 2014
Why Do White and Black males have Different Dreams? If you desire to understand what motivates a person to behave in a certain manner, simply listen to him or her talk about his or her dream (s). A dream is a state of mind characterized by abstract thinking and release from reality. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one... Read More ▸ Category: Culture and Self-Awareness
Nov 26 2014
Three Reasons Why Ferguson is on Fire To understand why Ferguson is on Fire, you do not need a Ph.D. However, you do need to reflect and to allow your heart to guide your thoughts, words and actions. Given that we live in a democracy, every man and woman is entitled to express his or her... Read More ▸ Category: Culture and Self-Awareness
Nov 16 2014
Does Love and Money Mix in Marriage? Love and Money are two factors that propel a large percentage of individuals to head to the wedding altar. However, they are also two factors that lead to divorce. Given this, I personally believe that love and money does not mix. Love and money is only a good mix when... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Sep 28 2014
The Three Relationship Commandments Dating and finding a soul mate to spend the rest of your life with is becoming more difficult. With an increase in the divorce rate, both women and men alike are making the easy decision to remain single. Fear of entering into a relationship that will not last has consumed... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Aug 22 2014
A Grieving City and Front-line Leadership: Capt. Ron Johnson Upon returning to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri on August 20, 2014 to give back to my community and to support outstanding leaders like Capt. Ron Johnson, I experienced mixed emotions. On one hand, I felt proud, grateful and excited about being in a position to provide psycho-education to mourning individuals.... Read More ▸ Category: Culture and Self-Awareness