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Oct 04 2015
Ask Dr. Buckingham - How Can I Get My FiancĂ© of 3 Years to Marry Me? Hello Dr. Buckingham, I am getting frustrated with my fiancé. We dated for 5 years and have been engaged for 3 years, but he will not commit to me. He is constantly complaining about my lack of commitment to him. He complains that I do not spend enough quality time with... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Sep 26 2015
Ask Dr. Buckingham - Should I Marry a God-fearing Man Who Is Financially Unstable? Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been saved and walking with the Lord for about three years now. Last year, I was blessed with the opportunity to begin my career in another state. There was a man at my church home who I was attracted to; however he never approached me... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Sep 21 2015
Ask Dr. Buckingham - Should I Get Married and Then Sort Out My Problems Dear Dr. Buckingham, Hope you are well. I have doubts about the man in my life; it’s difficult to trust him. He impregnated a lady while we were dating, then I became pregnant. We broke up because I couldn’t bear it; but now that our son... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Sep 02 2015
Ask Dr. Buckingham - Expert Relationship Advice (Hoodwinked? Marriage is a Lie) Dear Dr. Buckingham, I dated a guy for two years and then he asked me to marry him. Everything was fine until a month after we were married; the sex stopped; he stopped wanting to do things with me; he stopped wanting to go places and fell into depression. It... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Sep 02 2015
Ask Dr. Buckingham - Expert Relationship Advice (Marriage & Unsanctified Men) Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have read several of your articles and decided to ask a question that has been bothering me for sometime now. I am single Christian woman who spends the majority of my time in church or hanging out with church people. I am new to the church... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Aug 31 2015
Ask Dr. Buckingham - Expert Relationship Advice (Trust and Infidelity) Dear Dr. Buckingham, I’ve been reading a couple of your articles on Facebook. I believe that you have a very unique gift from God. The information that I receive from your articles moves me to want to take action and acquire the change within myself. I never really... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Jun 21 2015
A Heartfelt Tribute to my God-sent Father The world is filled with men who plant seeds and men who take care of their seeds.  Given this, I believe that Father’s Day should be about honoring men who take care of their seeds. My biological father donated his sperm, but not his time, love and... Read More ▸ Category: Parenting
Apr 29 2015
Sick and Tired - Ferguson and Baltimore I want to preface this article by telling you that I believe that sharing is caring. I am sharing my thoughts with the intent of creating productive and healthy dialogue.  I am not judging anyone, but simply expressing my personal view. My hope is that you read this article... Read More ▸ Category: Personal Growth and Inspiration
Mar 08 2015
3 Rules Single Women Should Follow When Expressing Interest in a Man Some people believe that women should never approach or express interest in man. This thinking as led thousands of single women to believe that they will not be respected if they show interest in a man. Personally, I disagree with this way of thinking because communication is the key to... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships
Feb 16 2015
8 Rules Men Should Follow to Successfully Lead Strong Women No man can deny the power of a woman, especially a strong woman. When God created man He knew that we could not survive without companionship, so He gave us you, the most precious gift to mankind. God equipped women with gifts that astonish men. You are capable of giving... Read More ▸ Category: Relationships