We use our R.E.A.L. Change Model to broaden individuals’ horizons and to facilitate real (internal and genuine) change during coaching and counseling sessions. The model was developed by Dr. Buckingham and is rooted in the school of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Change involves making things different. Some individuals embrace change and grow from it and while others despise change and try to avoid it at all cost.

While change can be good at times, a large percentage of individuals dread change, especially when it is involuntary and occurs under adverse conditions.

Dr. Buckingham developed the model to help individuals exchange lifestyles and relationships filled with hardship, disappointment and dread to lifestyles and relationships filled with favor, satisfaction and confidence.

R.E.A.L. is articulated as:

R– Realistic approach

We work with clients to help them approach situations in a Realistic manner. Through cognitive processing, we help individuals gain insight and greater understanding of their hardships so that they can face them in a realistic manner and heal properly.

E – Rational Expectations

We assist clients with developing rational Expectations so that they can use sound reasoning to cope with their hardships in healthy and productive manners. We remind clients that their expectations influence what they will and will not accept in life.

A – Positive Attitude

We remind clients of the importance of maintaining a positive Attitude of self and others. This strategy is designed to help them understand that their attitude strongly influences their emotions, actions and behavior.

L – Love unconditionally

We teach clients how to demonstrate unconditional Love for themselves and others. We teach positive regard and forgiveness, which are essential skills for overcoming hardship.

By using the R.E.A.L. Change Model, we successfully help individuals gain insight and eliminate self-destructive, self-inhibiting and self-defeating behavior that negatively impacts their emotional health, psychological stability and overall functioning.