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16th November 2018

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Expert Empathy and
Resilience Coaching

With over 17 years of experience we’ll ensure
that you prosper in all aspects of life.

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Relationship Coaching

We have helped over 30,000 couples
resolve challenges and achieve happiness.

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Consulting Services

We provide solutions that enable leaders
and organizations to succeed.

Our Services
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We provide expert advice and solutions that enable organizations to resolve challenges and achieve sustainable results.


Coaching is designed to help you successfully move through challenges and achieve fulfilling results in your life and relationship.


Everyone needs a little assistance occasionally so we offer high-quality individual and relationship counseling.

What we Offer

We provide expert human services consulting and counseling with a specific emphasis on empathy and resilience development. With over 18 years of experience we’ll ensure you’re getting state-of-the-art guidance and results driven service. You can always rely on RHCS to exceed your expectations.
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About Us

R.E.A.L. Horizons Consulting Solutions (RHCS), formerly known as R.E.A.L. Horizons Consulting Service, is a full-service human resource management, leadership development and consulting firm. A Service-Disabled Veteran and minority-owned business, RHCS has an excellent reputation for providing direct counseling and coaching services to individuals and high-quality consultative services and solutions to civilian and government organizations.

We have over 18 years of experience providing expert coaching and consulting services for both business and individuals. Our interdisciplinary knowledge base enables us to provide a full array of services such as personal and relationship counseling, executive coaching, service delivery consultation, leadership and staff training, talent management consultation and workshop facilitation. We are a solution-focused firm that produces quality results for our customers because we focus on maximizing human capacity and productivity. We place emphasis on the personal worth of our clients and provide comprehensive solutions to address their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your company?

You should use our company because we are highly qualified to serve you. Our president and leader, Dr. Buckingham is an empathy and resilience expert, seasoned clinical psychotherapy, military veteran, executive coach, relationship expert and corporate consultant with more than 17 years of experience providing psychological assessments, treatment, psycho-education, training and guidance to over 30,000 individuals, couples and organizational leaders worldwide.

Who frequently use your service?

We provide services to individuals, couples and organizational leaders who desire to resolve personal, relational or occupational challenges that impedes their growth.

How Is Coaching Different from Traditional Psychotherapy?

Coaching simply adds another facet to the coping skills you currently posses. Coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy. Instead coaching focuses on effecting change in a client’s current and future behavior. In comparison, counseling addresses past trauma. Furthermore, coaching does not involve diagnosing or treating mental illness or dysfunction.

Do you accept insurance payment for coaching or counseling?

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance payment for coaching or counseling at this time. However, we have a referral network of professionals who do accept insurance payment and would be happy to refer you.

Is Coaching and Counseling Confidential?

Communication with our coaches and counselors is strictly confidential. However, threats of self-harm or violence toward others will be addressed and reported to appropriate legal and/or mental health authorities.

Where do you conduct coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions typically last one hour and are conducted either in person, via telephone or Skype. We highly recommend the use of Telephone or Skype coaching because these platforms give you maximum flexibility. Also, in-person coaching services are more expensive.

Do you provide Pro-bono service?

Yes, we provide Pro-bono service on a very limited basis. We donate our services to all federal entities and non-for profit organizations that serve the community, especially veterans, underserved, underinsured and disadvantaged populations. In exchange for offering free service or accepting reduced payment, we request that you provide a recorded copy of our presentation, speech or training along with recorded testimonials. Contact us to learn more about our limited Pro-bono service.

Do you customize training or speeches to fit your audience?

Yes, we customize training to fit your audience. You tell us what you need and we deliver. Customization ensures that your specific requirements and requests are met.

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We have over 18 years experience providing expert consultative and counseling services.

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We focus on providing services and generating products that fully meets the needs of our customers.


We hire, train and retain experts who can deliver high-quality service and do the best job for you.


Here’s what just some of our clients have said

Dr. Buckingham did a great job. Not only did he develop an outstanding training module for NASW, his presentation was superb. He was engaging, explained things well and used personal experience. Thanks for a job well done.

Jeremy Wiener, MSW, LGSW

Thank you for inspiring our faculty and students during our 30th Annual Social Work Month Celebration. Your “I Can” message was well received and inspired all that were in attendance. We look forward to having you come back again.

Dr. Theresia Ratliff

A Black Woman’s Worth is an excellent film. I watched it with my twelve year old daughter and we both really liked it. I think every Black woman should see this film. It reminds us of how important and special we are to the Black community.

Dorothy Jones

Dr. Dwayne is the best life coach that I have ever worked with. He helped me learn things about myself that other life coaches did not notice or address. I look forward to my coaching sessions because I learn so much about myself and relationships.


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